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Bryony Reynolds

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Bryony reads: The book of Luke

Bryony is based in Oxfordshire, England. She is a full-time professional actor, specialising in Shakespeare and theatre. Since the COVID-19 pandemic her world has now been opened to the wonder of voice-over acting, and she is thrilled to be involved in this ground-breaking, female-voiced audio Bible.


Alongside acting, Bryony is an archer (even doing archery on horseback!) and also works as a drama workshop facilitator. Most recently God has inspired her with a new talent: spoken word poetry. She has written several poems for special Easter, Pentecost and Christmas services for various churches over the past couple of years. With a passion for using the creative arts to share Gods word, Bryony is delighted to be part of Her Audio Bible, helping to make the Bible accessible in a way that empowers, supports and celebrates God's daughters.


Accent: Bryony would describe her accent as soft English RP
(Received Pronunciation)


Bryony's Testimony
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