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Revd Katy Partridge

Director and Producer

Katy’s background is in the arts, having trained at the Royal Academy of Dance in London and later completing a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and teaching vocational dance for several years. Katy is now ordained in the Church of England. She has an Oxford degree in Theology and Religion and is now completing an MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission with CMS. Katy is passionate about the arts and continues to dance when she can.

Anna Putt


Anna Putt is a vicar's wife and mother of three. She has a passion for sharing the word of God with others which has led her to do a podcast @shieldedbygrace and broadcast for the Daily Service on Radio 4 as well as acting as a trustee for Keswick Ministries and giving talks at women's conventions. Anna lives in the beautiful Cotswolds and enjoys walking her dog in the surrounding countryside.

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Trustees of Open Word UK

Revd. Katy Partridge

Anna Putt

Revd. Laura Bechervaise

Jo Swinney

Ben Grist

Peter and Susie Houston



Maggie Bruehl

Lorene Proctor

Kaarina Leong

Martin Fuller

Helen Hawthorne

Iona Curtius

Ben Grist

Sarah Woolford


Graphic Designer

Salt & Black


Audio Mastering

Resound Audio



Jennie Steinbach and the Her.Bible team in the US.

We are so grateful for the faithfulness and generosity of Her.Bible who’s vision it is to coach women across the world to record audio Bibles in their ‘heart language’. Visit their website to find out more about their work:

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