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Her Audio Bible UK is a project run by a small group of volunteers in the UK, with a passion for Scripture to be freely available and widely accessible


The UK is rich in its diversity, and so we wanted to represent, as much as possible, something of the range of backgrounds and voices of women in the UK. Listening to the Bible not only has the potential to bring a new vibrancy to the words of Scripture, but also makes it more accessible. A woman’s voice is particularly helpful to those for whom male voices can be triggering, for example those who have experienced domestic abuse.


In 2017, there were no quality audio Bibles voiced by women that were free. Now, between 700-800 audio Bibles have been recorded across the world and, so far, only 8 have been recorded fully in women’s voices. Her Audio Bible UK will be the first NIV audio Bible voiced fully by women from across the UK, and seeks to represent something of the beauty of the diversity we have in the UK.

Revd Katy Partridge (Director of Her Audio Bible UK)


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