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Kally Adderkin-Hall 

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Kally reads: The book of Ephesians

Kally is a journalist, broadcaster, and Executive Producer at Kah Productions. She has worked across the major news channels in the UK including the BBC and ITV. Kally has earned two degrees, the first in History and the most recent in Theology studying at Trinity College in Bristol. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. In 2008 Kally founded Kah Productions which started off producing small scale films but within a few years has grown into a successful company producing documentaries and films for the corporate sector. Kally lives near Exeter with her husband Jon, two adopted boys and a large German Shepherd. The family attend the HTB church plant St Matt’s in Exeter.


Accent: Kally has a British West Country accent


Kally's Testimony
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